Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Involved With Professional Organizations! A Discssuion on Building Your Professional Network While Avoiding Burnout

Presenters: Paula Aguilar, Tyann Cherry (moderator), Joan Finder, Melanie Gottleib, Dr. Michelle Loyet, Dana Parker-Jones

Place: Webster Staff Alliance Annual Professional Development Day, March 2010

Description: Are you bored in your current position? Think that you know everything there is to know about your department? Are you burned out by tackling the same old problems in the same old ways and are looking for something new?

As is often the case, you may find answers to these questions where you least expect to; professional organizations and/or affiliations.

This panel of highly motivated Webster University professionals will discuss their paths to leadership positions and active membership within their professional organizations. Topics to be discussed include:

- Finding a professional organization that will meet your needs
- Active participation vs. passive membership
- Relating a professional organization to your everyday work
- Utilizing professional conferences and organization activities to network and make positive and lasting connections
- Gaining support from your department or supervisor to participate (it’s not required but it helps!)

For example – did you know that Melanie Gottlieb used to be uncomfortable speaking in public?

That Tyann Cherry actually formulated the idea for Academic Advising “Quickstart Webinars” based on work that she did with her DEA Commission?

Have you heard that Joan Finder works in admissions but is the current President of the Missouri Academic Advising Association because it is actually more valuable to her professionally given her responsibilities?

That Paula Aguilar was actually active in MACADA at her previous institution and brought this participation with her to Webster University?

Did you know that Dana Parker-Jones is active in three organizations of dynamic professionals that promote educational outreach?

That Michelle Loyet works as an advising administrator but holds a PhD in Anthropology with specialization in Archeology and actively teaches at the college level outside of Webster?

All of the panel members have successfully utilized their relationships within professional organizations to raise the profile of the University, but also to keep themselves interested in their careers and motivated to try new things. The panel will discuss ways that they were able to gain departmental funding to support their activities (when applicable) and how stepping outside your comfort zone, while difficult, can ultimately yield results that are both personally and professionally satisfying.

Panel will be held in a discussion format with the opportunity for questions as the session progresses.

Presentation Materials
PowerPoint Presentation

Embracing the Challenge or Accepting Your Fate? Streamlining an Advising Center on a Limited Budget

Presenters: Tyann Cherry and Dr. Michelle Loyet, Webster University

Event: NACADA Region VII Conference. March 11-13 Overland Park, KS

Abstract: We are in a recession, budgets continue to be slashed, new hiring is frozen but enrollments keep increasing. What to do? Picture an office faced with online enrollments increasing 40% yearly, rolling admissions, no workload management, and no website resources. What did they have going for them? A staff willing to do anything to dig out of the hole. This session is designed to provide real, workable, systems-driven solutions to advising centers like ours. We don’t have the resources to build Second Life Islands or double our staff. However what we DO have working for us is creativity, and a commitment our office to make the system work in the best way possible within the given parameters. We don’t just make lemonade; we build systems using pretty much a paperclip and some gum.

Presentation Materials:
Powerpoint of Presentation
Project Management Template
Sample Reporting Sheet